And….Five Years On…

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I did say…that the last post was my first, and most likely my last! Almost right wasn’t I!? I have been away quite some time and those who follow Spyder’s Corner will know I started a Dog Walking Business (I’m now retired) which, like my Blog andDigi store once did, suddenly took over and no one can do three 24/7 jobs even if on real terms, they’re only mini jobs. And….I did forget I had this! Someone (Thank You!) found SpydersCraftyCorner this morning and followed so….eeeeek! (I comment on some WordPress blogs using a little cat looking at a spider) Anyway, I thought I’d better type some thing up and learn all over again how to work this!

It’s harder than I thought! Who said World Press was easier than blogger!? This was one of my first cards I made on my ‘come back’ using freebie papers and embelishments from a magazine. It’s called a star card (Sam Calcott, YouTube) and sits sideways, which is a little different and a little striking when first seen. Well, I’ve found how to add pictures but not put them where I want them. That will have to do for now! You’ll find me back over on Spyder’s Corner…. but the next post here should come sooner than this one did!! Happy New Year…2021!


WordPress First Post…

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ATC,potterATC Forum Swap

This may be my first and last post, depending, of course, if my small brain, can cope with all the strange gizmo’s and buttons. I thought I’d add a few of my makes here, like on Spyder’s Corner, but less chat. So, here’s the two ATC’s  I made for a forum swap. The background I did myself. I’m hoping to do a few freebies as someone has already asked if I do Digi downloads..